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EZ waves

Seven from summer

With chilly air descending over a large section of the US, many anglers are wishing it was toasty outside. To warm up those in need of summer breezes here are 7 shots from BassFIRST's own Joel Shangle to keep you toasty. PHOTOS

Bassmaster pundit Mark Zona shares his thoughts on the Top 3 stories of the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series season. STORY

Bobby Lane had his typically solid season fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2015. Finishing 21st in the Angler of the Year points race, just two spots behind his brother Chris. Lane's solid season also qualified him for his 9th consecutive trip to the Bassmaster Classic. PHOTOS

Cool article and video about Gene Larew Lures. STORY

Zaldain, Pipkens and Elam. No, not a law firm, but three of the best young anglers fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. STORY

Brandon Palaniuk took time out on his way to blast Bambi to answer Three Questions from BassFIRST. STORY

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Big Bass Pictures

Thole Lake
by: namtkd1
on: 5/26/2014

Silver Lake
by: StratosMan
on: 7/5/2012

Lake, X
by: NCmusky
on: 3/18/2012

Lake, X
by: NCmusky
on: 3/18/2012