BassFIRST Q&A - Jay Yelas | Bass Fishing
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BassFIRST Q&A - Jay Yelas

Bass First
Published May 2, 2008

Jay Yelas (FLW Outdoors Photo)
Jay Yelas FLW Tour Pro
Hometown: OR

Jay Yelas is certainly a recognizable name in the world of pro bass fishing. He has won the FLW Angler of the Year title multiple times, the BASS Angler of the Year title and the Bassmaster Classic championship.

A few years ago he broke off his relationship with bass and decided to fish only FLW Outdoors events.

Since that time he moved his family from Texas back to his home state of Oregon.

Along with being a famous bass angler he loves to fish for steelhead in the rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

BF - How many years have you been fishing as fulltime pro?

JY - I've been a professional bass angler for 20 years.

BF - Do you have any other job besides being pro angler right now?

JY - No

BF - What was your previous job?

JY - None. I fished right out of college.

BF - How many days per year do you fish?

JY - I fish around 150 days per year..

BF - How many days per year are you on the road for tournaments?

JY - Too many to count.

BF - How many shows do you work for sponsors?

JY - I average about 12-20 show appearances per year.

BF - What else do you do for sponsors?

JY - Work with media, radio, TV, internet, magazines and newspapers. Also, seminars and books. Pretty much any media outlet available I will work to promote myself and my sponsors.

BF - What is your favorite pastime?

JY - Fishing for steelhead and salmon. Fishing for them is terrific in the northwest.

BF - Do you have a family and do they travel with you to tournaments?

JY -Yes, I have a wife and two girls. They travel with me when the girls are not in school.

BF - If you weren't a pro angler would you still fish tournaments?

JY - Maybe.

BF - What's your favorite go-to bait?

JY - A Berkley Shakey Worm.

BF - What's your favorite bait to use?

JY - Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait.

BF - Who is your favorite US President of all time?

JY - Ronald Reagan.