Three Questions: Ish Monroe | Bass Fishing
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Three Questions: Ish Monroe

Dave Landahl
Published October 12, 2017

Usually, Three Questions from BassFIRST is reserved for first-timers, but not this time. Nope, instead, BassFIRST contacted a wily veteran of the bass wars, Ish Monroe, to take a shot at answering the toughest questions from the most brutal inquisitor in the world of professional bass fishing. Yes, Monroe survived the challenge the first time, but will he make it through again? Read on and find out.
DL - On a weekend getaway, would you prefer to attend a concert or a UFC fight?

Ish Monroe. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)
IM - Neither. I'm serious, I don't like to go to those things. You'll find me at the local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World instead. That is way more fun for me.
DL - Do you prefer fishing on hot or cold weather?
IM - Hot. Tropical. I'm so tropical. I don't believe in ice fishing. I don't understand how people like the cold weather at all.
Even if I lived on a lake up in the north part of the USA that froze over in the winter, I wouldn't be there. I'd get on a plane and fly to some tropical island until the weather heats up again. I don't like the cold.
DL - Do you prefer to eat sushi or steak?
IM - Sushi all day long. Especially seafood sushi. The seafood is healthier for you, and I think it tastes better.
I just returned from a tuna fishing trip where we ate, fished, slept, and fished all week long on the boat. It was awesome.
Plus, tuna are a lot more fun to catch than cows. At least I think so. I've never caught a cow.