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Aaron Martens Chapter Two

Dave Landahl
Published November 27, 2018

Aaron Martens is the consummate pro basser. He's won at every level of tournament fishing, and now will be displaying his piscatorial fight skills at the Major League Fishing (MLF) Bass Pro Tour (BPT). The BPT is the newest pro fishing circuit, loaded with the top anglers in the sport of bass fishing. Literally the 'who's who" of professional fishing, like Major League Baseball or the National Football League. Naturally, Aaron would fish the BPT, since he only wants to beat the best of the best. 

So, for a guy who's regarded as one of the greats in the sport, what still motivates him to keep on truckin' around the US of A? Martens is really an introspective fella, and this article could be a multi-part epic if we covered everything he spoke about, so to keep it digestible, let's focus on the BPT decision for Aaron.

Aaron Martens. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)
For Martens, fishing the MLF Bass Pro Tour is the second stage of his long career.

"For me, I look at the BPT like the second chapter of my career," said Martens. "I believe I haven't come close to reaching the pinnacle of my career as a competitive angler. I have a lot left to prove and the BPT is where I can fish against the best pros and prove myself.

"I need to switch up what I am doing a bit to make my mark. I need to fish more at home and get into better fishing shape. I'm not fishing as much as I want or need to be fishing. Once I start fishing more, I know I'll continue to improve."

Aaron's second chapter also includes a little twist few people know about him.

"I still want to do and achieve more in the fishing industry," said Martens. "I really like to learn how things work. How lures work and what makes them effective. I would like to become a lure designer and be the person who creates something amazing for the fishing world to use to catch fish."