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World Bass Rankings™ Top 200

Stay tuned for the launch of the BassFIRST World Bass Rankings™ .

Based upon our industry-standard World Walleye Rankings™ model (pictured below), the BassFIRST World Bass Rankings will give a realistic, purely performance-based but predictive view of pro bass fishing, without the volatility common to other types of ranking systems.

About OutdoorsFIRST
OutdoorsFIRST principles pioneered live fishing tournament coverage on the web, developing and implementing the "first ever" live leaderboard used in the fishing industry. OutdoorsFIRST has been ranking and compiling statistical walleye tournament data on the web since 1997.

Since then, OutdoorsFIRST has become one of the leaders among muskie, walleye and fishing sites on the web, pioneering new features and technologies such as online user photo albums, an industry "News Trawler", streaming video and audio, the fully interactive tournament leaderboard, podcasts, live remote tournament audio and video, and now user-generated video uploads with much, much more to come.

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World Walleye Rankings
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Jim Carroll  0.79%

Chris Gilman  0.4%

Robert Crow  0.35%

Mike Kulm  0.33%

Scott Fairbairn  0.32%

Jay Weber  0.29%

Tommy Skarlis  0.28%

Tom Kemos  0.27%

Rick Olson  0.27%

Ron Seelhoff  0.27%

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